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8-bit Chip on the Shoulder

The μnix project is an endeavour to create a complete workstation and UNIX-like OS using standard logic IC's and 8-bit AVR microcontrollers.  The goal isn't to make something that will compete with a traditional workstation in computation; it's an educational exercise and electronic DIY hobbyist project.

While everyone is clamoring for bigger, faster, wider bandwidth on their computing devices these days this unassuming 8-bit multi-core workstation sits quietly in the corner, plodding away at boring CRC checksums.  Like the nerd who spends his entire weekend memorizing spells that he'll throw out in lavish fashion during his next AD&D game, this little 8-bit nerd hopes he scores a critical hit.  With less core memory than most hand-held devices and no floating-point microprocessor, he'll make us all feel a little better about our GRE math scores.

However, executing most instructions within one clock cycle, and with an AMPS (AVR® Multi-Processing System) clocked at 32MHz, the μnix workstation (pronounced "myoonix" due to the greek letter μ, meaning "micro") will be able to perform some impressive feats of agile computation.

All OpenHouse software and firmware was developed on the OpenSolaris platform.  The AVR development environment was also hosted on an OpenSolaris server.  Get OpenSolaris today!

Did you know...
dual core

The AMPS core is situated on removable daughter cards that can be removed or augmented two microcontrollers at a time, allowing a minimum dual configuration and a maximum of quad AVR MCU's working in tandem.